Collaboration software

Today people are interacting more and more by using online social tools for communication.
It seems as now is the right time to bring these tools also to work places in order to reap the benefits of online communication and collaboration. One way of doing this is by introducing collaboration software in your company.
When rolling out collaboration software remember that collaboration software is only a complementary tool to the traditional way of doing business and project realization and will not substitute face-to-face meetings. However, collaboration software will have a great impact on the daily execution and coordination of projects.
By using collaboration software in your company, project management and project realization will get more efficient, because your employees will find themselves with new tools to do the job. People will be able to define project milestones with due dates, to create To-do-list with specific project tasks/activities, associating these tasks with milestones, to assign tasks with due dates to people, to add comments and files to assigned tasks, to create messages and comments or to upload files. Other features as e.g. project related activity feeds will help project members to follow in real time what is happening in a project. People will also be able send short Twitter-like messages through the collaboration software to project members to communicate important things or to request help.
Collaboration software will also create distinct spaces in your company where each project will realised in an organized and controllable way, with clear responsibilities and automatically created know-ledge banks. Thanks to project communities, where people will be sharing their knowledge and resources, your projects will be realized efficiently.